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President’s Message

Dear Friends / Lion Leaders,

It gives me great pleasure to say that our club has moved to Digital ERA and has come up with the E-Bulletin which will help people to be updated about our Service Activities / Projects, Photos, Health Topics and Much more wherever they are across the globe.

The main aim to start this E-Bulletin is that we are currently in the Era where everything is digital. And it also helps us in saving the nature. As with the help of E-Bulletin we will be saving many trees as we are not using paper which are made from trees.

I would also like to invite all the readers to come and give us suggestions for improving and making this E-Bulletin more successful and reach across all the lions in the world. As this is not just a bulletin but also an informative letter which will guide people how to be healthy without medicines, As we have made a section in our bulletin which will help them to learn Self Healing techniques and Stay Healthy.

So if you share this bulletin even with a single person then you will be serving him with his health improvement.

So lets Share, Care and Enjoy....

"Proud to be LION"

Lion Jiger Indrakumar Chawda
President: Lions Club of ACTION, Mumbai

1st Vice - President’s Message

Dear Friends,


Lions Club of ACTION Mumbai has taken up a Mission to keep looking for innovative ideas that will make this world better to live for our future generations. We the members of the Club are working towards our goal that is limitless.

We became affiliated members of the Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad, so that we can present latest developments in DIY ideas to keep one ourselves fit, to public, as far as possible by complementary Alternative systems of treatments that are affordable and easy to practice by everyone. The Institute has been working on curing cases of diabetes, Blood pressure, heart attacks, improving vision, preventing cataract, glaucoma etc. and the results are given in our website.
Our members also believe in the theory "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime". With this in view, wherever we go for a Health Camp, we prefer to teach patients, how to treat themselves with seeds, colors or magnets using Art of Self-Healing.

Our Club has uploaded over 300 videos that guide people on how to carry out self-treatment. Our Cub has also developed a website that can be downloaded on Cell phones as it guides people on how to carry out self-treatment in normal times and in emergencies.

Our Club members have been very active in finding innovative ideas on how to improve environment. The details of our efforts in designing a gadget that produces hydrogen gas on demand are given in the bulletin. This skill we are passing on to students.

All Lions Clubs who find our ideas interesting are welcome to twin with us. Together we can achieve better results.

Our members are also trying to develop a system whereby we can reduce hunger to a great extent are in progress and shall be reported in our next bulletin. 

Yours in Service to humanity,
Lion Luthria Girdhari,MJF

Our Slogan


I am

L – Leader

I – Intelligent

O – Opportunity giver

N – Nation developer

About our Projects

Acupressure is known to the Eastern world since centuries. It has also been recognized by the World Health Organization as per their letter in 1980. One has to remember at least 150 points, out of 950 points all over the body, to administer acupressure. Therefore it is difficult to do for a common man.

Prof. Park Jae Woo, realizing this, started research and modified and simplified it to such an extent that one has not to remember any point. He found out that the hands and feet are the exact replicas of our body. So he named the system Su Jok Acupressure. SU means hand and JOK means Foot in Korean language. It is so easy to learn that even children can learn. We give below a Short Note on Su Jok Acupressure Therapy?

The Lions Club of ACTION has been teaching this ART of SELF-HEALING to Indian Armed Forces, Maharashtra Police, NCC and NSS Volunteers, General public in India and East Africa since 1998 with great success.

It has been observed that patient experiences instant pain relief in less than two minutes and that too at practically no cost. It’s noninvasive system of treatment.

There are five parts protruding from our trunk .Two arms, two legs and head. Similarly from our palm and sole of the foot four fingers and the thumb are jutting out. Our hands are outside, the index and the little finger are found to correspond to them. The inner two fingers correspond to legs. Looking at the left-hand palm, the index finger corresponds to left hand and the little finger to right hand. If you look at palm of your right hand naturally your little finger will correspond to left hand and vice versa.

All the four fingers are having three joints each. The legs are connected to trunk at hips so the upper most joints of the second and third finger correspond to hips of our trunk. Two arms, two legs and a head.

From our palm and sole of the foot, four fingers and thumb are jutting.

Hand is the replica of our body. When we keep the hand on a flat surface, one can imagine that a person is standing on the middle finger and Ring finger, the little finger and the index fingers will hang out like arms.

Arms have three joints each, shoulder, elbow and wrist. Our fingers also have three joints. The one connecting the finger to the palm will obviously be shoulder joint, the next one the elbow and the third will be the wrist. Similarly the in the finger corresponding to legs the one connecting the finger to the palm will be the hip joint, the next  will be the knee joint and the next will be heel or ankle joint. Isn’t it just common sense?

The thumb has two joints, so also our head. The first part of it is connecting it to palm corresponds to the neck and the upper part to face.

If you feel headache just probe the tip of the thumb with a ballpoint or blunt pencil (probe). You will find one or two points that are really painful but if you were to press the tip with the other thumb you will feel nothing. Now keeping the probe on the pain point just turn it clockwise and anti-clockwise. You will find it painful, but doing it for a minute or so you will be surprised to find your pain reducing at the pain point so also your headache.

The portion between the tip of the thumb to first joint on it corresponds to face. Divide it in approximately four parts. The first part from the tip corresponds to the head, the 2nd to forehead, the third to eyes, nose and ears, the 4th to mouth and chin. 

The Lifeline on the mount of the palm corresponds to the diaphragm.  Therefore above that lays the heart and lungs. Rest of the palm corresponds to the abdomen.

Only one thing to remember is that if we were to sit like an animal on our feet and palms, the portion of our body that will get the Sunlight will get tanned. God has tanned the back of our palm and the feet also and that correspond to back of our body. 

If we draw an imaginary straight line from middle of the two middle fingers up to the wrist it corresponds to the lower portion of our spinal chord. Similarly the line drawn on the middle of back of our thumb to the wrist corresponds to the cervical portion of our spinal chord.

Su Jok Therapy is not only limited to pain or recent health problems. For chronic problems one has to apply Mung Dana (Green gram) on the pain point with micro surgical tape and in a few days you can take care of the problems. You can avoid pain - by using Su Jok stimulator. More details of all this are given in the book. 

Patients can save themselves from side effects of medicines. Please contact The Lions Clubs of Mumbai ACTION via Email or visiting our website


Please NOTE: Su Jok is a COMPLEMENTARY Treatment and not a substitute to any treatment advised by your doctor.

Training Session on HHO generator Kit technology at GHRIET, Pune

Under the able guidance of Prof. Lion G.B.Luthria&Lion Jigar Chawada,President Lions Club of Action, Mumbai a training session of Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen (HHO) generator Kit was organized for the students and faculty. Trainer Mr.Sunil Jogdand was available for full one month in the college. He interacted with students from FE/SE/TE/BE from all branches. The technology of generating alternative fuel, Hydrogen gas by carrying out electrolysis of normal water on passing current was shared with students.  The HHO kit was attached to a motorcycle & diesel generator, the release of H2gas was seen through the bubbler & bike was started without using petrol. Some amount of saving of diesel was also observed when the HHO kit was attached to the diesel generator. The students were very excited and showed interest in experimenting with the new technology.
Around 50 students from various departments & few faculty members took training to Design & fabricate the HHO generator kit on 30th August 2018. The kit was tested using a 12 Volt DC battery. The participants received certificates on completion of the training. These students have shown interest in carrying out research to modify the design parameters, increase efficiency & test various applications of the HHO kit. Lion G.B.Luthria proposed full support from Lions Club of Action,Mumbai to carry out the research work further. Later on 8th September 2018 students interacted with Lion G.B.Luthria regarding their ideas related to use of HHO kit for their projects and importance of Sujok – Art of Self-Healing for better living.
Principal Dr.R.D.kharadkar took initiative to extend this learning opportunity to students & faculty. Dr.VandanaDureja, FE HOD & Mrs. Sneha Pokharkar, Assistant professor E &TC took efforts to organize the training & fabrication of the HHO kits.

Lion Prashant Patil, District Governor 3231 A3, had encouraged all Clubs to look for an innovation under his slogan “save Nature Save Future”. Our Club took up a project to improve environment by reducing pollution caused by burning fossil fuel.
We prepared a Gadget that was producing hydrogen gas by electrolysis principal. The Government of India has formed committee known as “Petrol Conservation and Research Association a few years back. They have also said that hydrogen is the fuel of future. We tied up with VJTI, Mumbai, who encouraged a post graduate student to do study on our gadget and in conclusion of his research he has said the there is definite saving of fuel by using this gadget.


Our Lions Club was invited to participate in Conference on “Developed Villages – Developed Nation” - Krishi Jagran.  There we demonstrated how to heal self for pain, weakness and boost our Immune system, without medicines. All the delegates were very happy and Prof. Anil Sahsarbudhe, The Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, who has sponsored the conference wrote letters to over 11,000 institutes registered with the council to learn Art of Self-Healing from Lions Club. We were invited by  GHRIET, Pune, to conduct the program. The authorities were very happy.

Since GHRIET, Pune, was an Engineering College we discussed with them our project of converting water into hydrogen gas through electrolysis principle. The authorities showed willingness to collaborate with our Club and carried out research by using the gadget our Club had developed.

We fixed our gadget to the standby generator of the college, without making any changes to the engine of the generator. The generator on full load consumed 30 lit., of diesel per hour.
With this hydrogen kit fitted to generator the exhaust gases were free of carbon, besides diesel consumption went down to 28 lit. 
We tried it for 6 hours on full load. The power consumed by the kit was 10 amps at 12 volts that means 0.120 KWH. Assuming on an average a KWH unit cost at Rs.10 per unit electric supply cost will be Rs.1.20 per hour, while saving of 2 lit., of diesel at Rs.72 per lit will be Rs 144. Therefore for eight hour working it will consume 0.96 KWH = cost Rs.10 and 16 lit diesel saved will be worth Rs.1440.

The bonus we got was NO POLLUTION.,

India is importing over 30 % of its requirement of fuel and that cost billions of dollars.

We are now encouraging Students making their own hydrogen producing kits

The students have tried out using hydrogen gas for cooking purposes. If its used for Industrial healing, working desalination plants along the coastal lines, it will save nation to some extent from water crisis.


We all know that food, clothing and shelter are the basic need for our living, but we have forget that before food, clothing and shelter there is something else which is very important for us and that is Tree.

Tress is the most important thing which we need, it gives us the important thing that is Oxygen which is very important for our life. And it also gives us lovely food to eat and much more…

President: Lion Jiger Chawda
As trees are such important thing for everyone, so our club along with other 100+ Lions club, Government of Maharashtra, Forest Department and Lions District 3231 A3 planned for tree plantation at Manor village. Manor is a village located in Maharashtra near Palghar District.

Our club along with other lions club Mumbai region planted more than 1 lakh Bamboo trees today (i.e on 1st July 2018.).

These days we see the nature is getting spoiled and due to which there is natural disaster like flood, Earthquake and Pollution.

Member : Lion Angel Rawat
If there are more number of trees then we can save some of this things and make the globe pollution free, getting healthy food and much more.

We would like to also request you all too please plant at least one tree in your area so that we can get the pure oxygen and beautiful nature.

Member: Lion Shravan Kumar Jha
This are some benefits of planting trees.
    6.   TREES HEAL.
Lions Club of ACTION Team with IPDG MJF Lion Prashant Patil and Forest Officer at Manor village tree plantation program on 1st July 2018.

When somebody told me that he has failed in his exams, my question is,
"Is it a law that you will pass every time?"
When someone told me that my boyfriend broke up with me, my question is,
"Is it a rule that you will have successful relationships everywhere?"
When somebody asked me why am I in depression, my question is,
"Is it compulsory to have confidence all the time?"
When someone cried to me about his huge business loss due to his wrong decision, my question is,
"Is it possible that you take all right decisions?"
The fact is our expectation that life has to be perfect/permanent is the biggest reason of our unhappiness.
One has to understand the law of impermanence of nature.
After each sunny day, there has to be a dark night, after each birth there have to be certain deaths, for the full moon to come again it has to pass through no moon. In this imperfection of nature, there is perfection.
So stop taking your failures and bad part of your life soooo personally or intensely, even God does not like to give you pain but its the cycle through which you have to pass. Prepare yourself for one more fight after each fall because even failures cannot be permanent...!
Enjoy life....
Your breath comes to go.
Your thoughts come to go.
Your words come to go.
Your actions come to go.
Your feelings come to go.
Your illnesses come to go.
Your phases come to go.
Your seasons come to go.
You have come to go.
Then why do you hold on to your guilt, anger, unforgiveness, hatred
so so so tightly,
when it too has come to go...
Let it go...

Health Tips

An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is an old Welsh proverb that most of us are familiar with, but what makes this fruit so special? What health benefits are associated with eating apples?
Below are some nutrition facts for a medium apple:
·         Calories: 95.
·         Carbs: 25 grams.
·         Fiber: 4 grams.
·         Vitamin C: 14% of the RDI.
·         Potassium: 6% of the RDI.
·         Vitamin K: 5% of the RDI.
·         Manganese, copper and vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6: Under 4% of the RDI.
·         Apples have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.
·         One reason may be that apples contain soluble fiber, which is the kind that can help lower your blood cholesterol levels.
·         They also contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant effects. Many of these are concentrated in the peel.
·         One of these polyphenols is a flavonoid called epicatechin, which may lower blood pressure.

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Photos of Our Medical camp and Training Students of G.S Raisoni Eng. College Pune, in HHO Kit Making,

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