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President’s Message

Dear Friends / Lion Leaders,

It gives me great pleasure to say that our club has moved to Digital ERA and has come up with the E-Bulletin which will help people to be updated about our Service Activities / Projects, Photos, Health Topics and Much more wherever they are across the globe.

The main aim to start this E-Bulletin is that we are currently in the Era where everything is digital. And it also helps us in saving the nature. As with the help of E-Bulletin we will be saving many trees as we are not using paper which are made from trees.

I would also like to invite all the readers to come and give us suggestions for improving and making this E-Bulletin more successful and reach across all the lions in the world. As this is not just a bulletin but also an informative letter which will guide people how to be healthy without medicines, As we have made a section in our bulletin which will help them to learn Self Healing techniques and Stay Healthy.

So if you share this bulletin even with a single person then you will be serving him with his health improvement.

So lets Share, Care and Enjoy....

"Proud to be LION"

Lion Jiger Indrakumar Chawda
President: Lions Club of ACTION, Mumbai

1st Vice - President’s Message

Dear Friends,


Lions Club of ACTION Mumbai has taken up a Mission to keep looking for innovative ideas that will make this world better to live for our future generations. We the members of the Club are working towards our goal that is limitless.

We became affiliated members of the Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan, Allahabad, so that we can present latest developments in DIY ideas to keep one ourselves fit, to public, as far as possible by complementary Alternative systems of treatments that are affordable and easy to practice by everyone. The Institute has been working on curing cases of diabetes, Blood pressure, heart attacks, improving vision, preventing cataract, glaucoma etc. and the results are given in our website.
Our members also believe in the theory "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime". With this in view, wherever we go for a Health Camp, we prefer to teach patients, how to treat themselves with seeds, colors or magnets using Art of Self-Healing.

Our Club has uploaded over 300 videos that guide people on how to carry out self-treatment. Our Cub has also developed a website that can be downloaded on Cell phones as it guides people on how to carry out self-treatment in normal times and in emergencies.

Our Club members have been very active in finding innovative ideas on how to improve environment. The details of our efforts in designing a gadget that produces hydrogen gas on demand are given in the bulletin. This skill we are passing on to students.

All Lions Clubs who find our ideas interesting are welcome to twin with us. Together we can achieve better results.

Our members are also trying to develop a system whereby we can reduce hunger to a great extent are in progress and shall be reported in our next bulletin. 

Yours in Service to humanity,
Lion Luthria Girdhari,MJF

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